Ascended Master El Morya

The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom is an Ascended Master Activity of Light that has been active upon our blessed planet since the middle of the 20th century. Over the years there has been a non-profit religious corporation known by several names: The Bridge to Freedom (1952 – 1979), The New Age Church of the Christ (1979 – 1986), and The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom (1986 – 2022). Three different names but always the same organization!

Now as The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom has finally fulfilled its divine plan under the direct authority of beloved Ascended Master El Morya, all of its material has been offered freely to humanity, to use and enjoy. The only two things they asked are that this material not be copyrighted by any individual or group as they did not give permission to do so and that credit is given to The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom as the source of the material you use.

Within the pages of this website, you will find the explanation of why this activity was created, its basic philosophy, a complete archive of all the books and other publications written over the years, each year’s Thoughtform and Theme, and other relevant information. This will include weekly letters, monthly magazines, and books by Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohim, and other great Beings of Light.

There are many, many small spiritual groups and dedicated individuals throughout this planet working directly with The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, putting the principles offered into practice in their daily lives, and sharing its teachings with others. To you, beloved ones: “We are eternally grateful for your service to life and dedicate this website and all the Ascended Master’s divine wisdom and instructions contained within it to you each one!

Explanation of The Bridge

The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom has come forth to create, establish, and maintain a 'bridge of consciousness' between the human and divine realms so that God Illumination can flow forth to all who desire to receive this information. This was accomplished through the following avenues:

Basic Philosophy

There are certain basic core beliefs that form the foundation of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom:

1. A belief in reincarnation or re-embodiment. This is the logical path by which human beings evolve spiritually, in understanding and expression.

2. A belief in the concept of an indwelling Christ, or Higher Power, active in each person. It is possible, and indeed necessary, for all people to evolve to the point where this 'Higher Self' will manifest in and through the physical world.

3. A belief in eternal life. Life-everlasting, as expressed not only in the physical world but also in higher vibratory levels of expression.

4. A belief in the reality of the Ascended Masters, beloved Master Jesus being one of them. These highly evolved Beings, can and do, counsel and guide us upon our spiritual paths in various ways. It is also possible for us to work directly with them for the highest good of all life on planet Earth.

5. The Ascension. A daily and hourly process by which one's life energy is perfectly balanced through the healing of the individual at all levels of consciousness. Every thought, feeling, word, and deed - every atom of energy within - must eventually be purified and transmuted back into God's Perfection, then sustained and maintained.