The Shamballa Letter

A weekly release of higher spiritual teachings available by request, to members

 VOLUME 7, Number 36                                                                                                        September 3, 1985 

Assimilation Class

September 1, 1985

 Lord Michael

Thank you each blessed heart of Light for your dedication to the service of freeing this Earth from all imperfection.

My heart is overfilled this day with gratitude, knowing you and many dear chelas all over this planet have accepted the opportunity to be a member of my legions. And just feel that strength, that determination, that love and that accomplishment which takes place through the music.

Now you know, many years we have been talking to you about the Legions of Lord Michael and you have said, “Oh yes, I would like to be a member”. Fine for a while, then something else comes along and you forget. Well, if God gives you two hands, they are for use. And if one member is not used, it becomes useless. So you must, if you make an acceptance speech within to join my Legions, you MUST be determined to be a member. And know that your every act of harmony helps that force, that great Light of purity, the cutting free of all nations, all life from anything less than perfection.

You all know the radiation that flows forth from Banff at all times. It is always active - always present, but amplified when our focus is especially dedicated to be the Retreat of the month. And we are very grateful that we have the opportunity through the graciousness of the Great Hierarchy, to be open at the same time every year. And we hope and we believe that will continue as long as we have the separation in the consciousness of the chelas of the foci that are active, because you know that all foci without the planet are always active, and you can tune in anytime and call forth their special blessings. Of course, all one has to do is go within, and KNOW “I AM THAT I AM”. And you don’t have to go anywhere, just take your thoughts.

Oh we need special Love at this time, we need faith, we need illumination, God Illumination. How important that is! Just take the time to be ONE with that great streaming Light which is ever-present throughout the universe. My dear ones, you have accomplished much in this year, and I finally believe, as do all members of the Hierarchy, that if you continue in your endeavors to follow the Thought Form and Theme for this year that accomplishment will take place. We know that sometimes it seems a long, long road, over and over and over again and then… something steals into your consciousness, into your very being, “I have neglected to have the feeling that is required, to be determined to express perfection”. And we all know that everything on this planet must be in a state of perfection to accomplish that which is required.

Truth, as we tell you all the time, is so simple. Love thou one another. Be in tune with each other. And you will have the accomplishment which your heart and the Heart of all Love requires, desires and shall manifest. I SO DECREE IT and it shall be.

You have heard for many years about Lord Michael’s Sword of Blue Flame. That mighty Sword is the love within your heart. Just know that with that love everything less than perfection can be transmuted. You believe it, do you not? I think so. We tell you so many, many things and you wonder how can I ever think of these daily? That is not necessary. Because when you remain centered in “I AM” Consciousness that perfect radiation goes out to all life and what is necessary at one given point can be accomplished. We have chelas all over the planet who are tuning in this day and be thou grateful for your co-servers who are also joining their hearts with the service that is taking place this day.

Our Legions are magnificent. Oh, you might say like a father or mother’s pride. I do think they are quite wonderful. And the strength of those Legions shall give you all that you require at any moment to be determined, determined through the Ray of Harmony to save this blessed planet, to restore her to her ordained perfection. 

I thank you and God bless you each one.

Lord Michael







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