The Shamballa Letter

A weekly release of higher spiritual teachings available by request, to members

 VOLUME 7, Number 37                                                                                                               September 10, 1985


Lord Surya 

The chela knows that every day is a challenge. He, who is determined to be in control of his life, would do well upon awakening to realize his emotional world plays an important part in his advancement in the Light.  

There are certain Foci on the planet which have been brought to his attention, primarily to help him to balance his emotional forcefield. One such Focus is at Suva, where the Brotherhood is dedicated to assisting man in learning and applying the Laws of Life. Like the emotional garment worn by Lady Virgo, the water element is the highest percentage, and the same is true of the human individual. The water element and the emotional forcefield are directly inter-connected, as your tears of sorrow and your tears of joy blend together in Oneness. When you can realize that the mighty oceans, lakes and rivers are at one with your own emotional garment, and harmony or disharmony in your emotions affects every component of that element, you who are dedicated to bringing Peace to this planet will carefully guide your emotional vehicle in paths of peace.  

A simple disagreement can gather momentum and result in a riot! The disagreement can collect more and more of its kind until an entire planet will become disorganized, and peaceful projects could become less effective, and sometimes completely shattered! 

Accept my counsel, and that of the Brotherhood of Suva, and know we are dedicated to serving those who realize that the COMPLETION OF PLANS TO RESTORE THIS PLANET EARTH TO HER DESTINED PERFECTION, RESTS ON THE INDIVIDUAL CONTROL OF THE EMOTIONAL WORLD OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. 

One powerful, peaceful Being, has the ability to control the water element, for in ONENESS of Being, that which affects ONE affects ALL. 

The greatest manifestation of power is PEACE. 

I AM Surya




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