The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 8, Number 43                                                                                                                           October 28, 1986


Lord Lanto


As one learns the Truth of service for all life, he will learn what ‘Unity’ means. 

We know there is NO separation in life… the Elements which form your lower garments are composed of the substances of Earth, Water, Air and Fire and are akin to all Elements everywhere, in whatever form they are manifest. 

At this stage of your evolution, you have been given many simple means to restore the Harmony so essential to this Planet.  Remember always that your every action, thought, word and deed releases tones and that tone joins with a kindred vibration… be it positive or negative. 

Pause a moment and enter deeply within the Sacred Throne Room of your Being and resolve to truly be our co-server in the Restoration of this dear Planet Earth! 

In Reverence for the Gift of Life, 

‘I AM’