The Shamballa Letter

 VOLUME 8, Number 40                                                                                       October 7, 1986 

Assimilation Class

October 5, 1986

Lady Nada

I come to you this morning not through my own merit, nor through your merit, but through the gentle grace of the Father-Mother God, and I come to tell you how much I love you. 

I would lovingly remind you that it is the small kindly acts of everyday life that manifest rhythmic balance in your life and create beauty.  Kindly acts like the cool hand on the troubled brow, the gentle smile to the passing stranger, the loving words of praise and encouragement to a friend.  These are the small kindly acts that have a steady, rhythmic impact on the radiation of your own Causal Body.  The small kindly acts that you so often think of as ‘nothing’ – ‘nada’ – are everything, for it is in your day to day, moment to moment existence that natural and spontaneous love must always be.  This is what determines your forcefield of Light.  It is in the little things that your love expands and projects.  It is in the everyday things that you may turn someone’s darkness into Light. 

You know not at what moment in time you will be, yet again, the answer to somebody’s prayer and you will not be found wanting if you move through life with quiet grace and a sincere and loving kindness to all. 

Be kind, one to another, for a child of the Light radiates only loving thoughts at all times, touching the hearts of all with the quiet grace of inner beauty which will eventually guide you Home to your Victorious Accomplishment in the Light. 

Know me, as I enfold you in your day to day living, and walk the Path of Gentleness. 

I love you.







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