The Shamballa Letter

A weekly release of higher spiritual teachings available by request, to members

VOLUME 7, Number 39                                                                                                                            September 24, 1985 

Amida Buddha 

How can the words of man express the Pure Light that is the highest realms of Divinity? These words are nothing in comparison to the radiation that it is now your opportunity to feel. Yet these words are important, since they reflect, mirroring into the world of form, impulses of the Ascended Hosts. As such they are tools, building the first few steps of a mighty bridge, a great bridge to Spiritual Freedom. 

Long ago the great Beings of the Pure Land took the conscious decision to renounce Nirvana in order to dedicate themselves to service. This vow may never be broken. Thus are we bound as shadows to the great Wheel of Karma. So, too, are you bound, by a conscious act you have chosen to dedicate and consecrate your lives to the service of this planet, bringing Spiritual Freedom to all. 

Our service is to you, standing with love behind each one and providing an eternal refuge and support. Your service must be for the entire planet and all her evolutions, for which you have taken responsibility through your embodiment. Commit yourselves to this service, to become GOD IN ACTION.  

We are with you now and shall remain so always. We watch and guide each individual, and shall wait to lift each one of you up into the blissful arms of Nirvana. We shall wait, if necessary, until the end of time.