A Mission of Love

Beloved Serapis Bey

February 15, 1970

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters on the Earth plane, I come to you in Pure Divine Love, bringing you the Blessings of the Sponsors of this year and of Lady Hope, the Spirit of the year! 

What a magnificent opportunity the chelas have at this time to become the Holy Christ Self in action! You can be assured that I, individually, am pouring the pressure of my Light into your beings and naturally to all mankind on this Planet! 

The responsibility of the Sponsors is a tremendous one and we must lend the momentums of our Beings to fulfilling the Divine Blueprint which has been presented to us. Think of the amount of energy we must release to prod and prod those who are aware of our assigned Service, in order to bring about the externalization of the specific God Plan for the 12 month period.

Please do not consider Me austere in the driving energy which I send into your vehicles... this is a Mission of Love... Love for the Supreme Source. When one loves the Divine Principle of Life, he loves all the components which make up the Body of God, and that is all life! 

With the acceleration of the Fourth Ray Activities this year and the process of restoring your vehicles to their True Estate where you will act from the Holy Christ Consciousness at all times, you come to the final cleansing of your lifestreams and this entails the purifying of every ounce of imperfectly qualified energy back to the time when you "fell from Grace" and permitted the lower self to take control. One can see the Wisdom of the Cosmic Law in assigning Holy Amethyst as one of the Sponsors this year, for it is imperative that you keep the Violet Fire coursing through your lower vehicles, AT ALL TIMES, so that when these imperfect manifestations present themselves in your worlds, they do not overwhelm you. 

Returning to the Fourth Ray, the Elohim of Purity is of inestimable value in sweeping his Blue Lightning through this imperfectly qualified energy. 

NOW I have not come just to repeat activities of the Spiritual Law for your consideration. I have come in the full power of my Being to tell you that it is imperative that you use and use the Instruction which we have given to you through the years, and we will continue to bombard your consciousness with this Law until you accept its efficacy and be about the Father's Business! 

When these imperfect causes and cores are cleared away once and for all, you will dwell in a sea of Light Energy that will serve you instead of having the vortices of imperfection plague you by their intermittent release of discordant vibrations! 

In God's Most Holy Name, I IMPLORE YOU to use the purifying activities which we have presented to you through the years! You may think the Beloved El Morya stern in his Service to Life by prodding you into action. May I humbly state that you are now in the Presence of the Disciplinary Activities of Luxor, and "I AM" required by Spiritual Law to reach through the density yet remaining in your lower consciousness and to keep after you until you heed my Counsel, which, of course, is the Will of the Supreme Source! Be alert for the personal promptings and prodding which will come your way, as surely as the ebb and flow of the tide! You do not doubt the activity of Beloved Neptune and Lunara because you can see it with the physical sight. Well let me impress your consciousness with the fact that what is externalized in your auras from time to time it is an activity of Mercy you do not see these miscreations with your inner sight. 

Coming to the third Sponsor this year, we see the Holy Mother Mary, whose great Love for you holds the Immaculate Concept for your lifestream and this Service she will continue so to do until you ARE that Immaculate Concept. 

Do you not love us enough to readily grasp the opportunity to purify your lifestreams and those of all upon the Earth, in order that the Energy which we are required to release can be expended in the expansion of the Glory of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. For the analytical mind, when your lifestreams are purified your energies will expand the Borders of God's Kingdom, but let me tell you there are glories of God's Pure Estate which eye hath not seen, nor the mind and heart yet dreamed oft 

My beloved ones, you do not conceive the Love which I have for you. Will you not return my Love by loving all life FREE, and when you engage in that activity you love me, for I am One Cell in the Heart of God! 

For a more gentle expression of my Love, let me say a word about works of art. I choose this morning to draw your attention to the many expressions of the Praying Hands which are seen in the physical appearance world. The man who gave that tribute to his friend truly entered deep into the Cosmic Law! As I previously said, that which man sees with his physical eyes can be impressed upon his consciousness with greater facility. 

Let your consciousness dwell for a moment on the Praying Hands! Almost immediately one thinks of a supplicant calling to God; an invocation or prayer which connects him to the Supreme Source. Few there are who have developed their consciousness to the place that their mental and feeling worlds know that they can turn INWARD to the Christ and be AT ONE with Divinity. 

A mighty momentum has been built in the consciousness of mankind through the placing of the hands in this prayerful attitude - not the closed, entwined fingers, but the free-flowing grace of the energy which is released from the seeking soul asking for assistance for himself or for some other lifestream whom he loves. 

Place your hands together in this upraised position and send a prayer of gratitude to God. You will realize that the beam of energy must return to the sender. Then extend your left hand with palm upward, signifying your desire to receive the Light, and the right hand extended, with palm outward, showing that which you receive from God goes forth to all life, then the release of the Light of the Christ can flow out with the energy qualified with the blessings so invoked. When the chela has advanced to the point where he knows that all activity should be one of Balance, he will realize that this is the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame in action. 

Now, for some of my over-zealous chelas, I say do this in the privacy of your own homes and not in the presence of others, for we do not wish to inject anything into your consciousness which might result in fanatic action. However, I must state that when the chelas are purified and reverent enough, Ceremonials will come forth which do employ grace of movement. To those, pardon me, "diehards" who do not care for Ceremonial, I would like to state that there must be some cause and core of disapproval in your etheric garment which requires purification. Is that not so? 

In order that I will not leave you in a disapproving frame of mind, let me elucidate something regarding the hands which should be most pleasing to your consciousness. 

Truly are your hands the Hands of God and represent the Rays as follows: 

Thumb:  The Ray of Tolerance and Tact, now under the Direction of the Beloved Lady Rowena, Chohan of the Third Ray 

Index Finger:        Beauty and Harmony, under the direction of my humble Self. 

Middle Finger:       Science in all Divine Forms, Beloved Hilarion 

Next:                     Devotionů Beloved Lady Nada 

Little Digit:           The Violet Ray of Transmutation, the Ceremonial Ray, Beloved Saint Germain 

So my beloved ones, employ your hands in gainful activity, having reverence for the components thereof, and know that they are an important part in the administration and the ministration of God's Holy Light!

Good Day!

Serapis Bey of Luxor







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