Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

January 2011  

* * *  

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Fully accepting the divine principles of willing cooperation and harmony into my being and world I AM the unconditional accomplishment of Divinity.



Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the will of God and divine energy of the I AM Presence! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *


Light is all there is - Light is Love and Love is I AM and in I AM Consciousness you shall go forth. I bless you with all the Love of the Spiritual Hierarchy - all the Love of Being of Light and I know this shall be a year of Peace… manifest… perhaps just a little at a time, but you will see Peace manifest upon this Earth ~


Love is Peace

Love is Comfort

Love is ALL there IS




Sea of Violet Light ~ Kwan Yin 

Beautiful expressions of Divinity upon a Sea of Violet Light, I AM grateful for such a reception into uplifted divine Consciousness.  

We have been together much this year in a collective Consciousness within the Violet Fire. It is important that when I come to you perceive this as Presence in the Etheric Realm arising from within you, for you are each a 'contact' for the Radiation and the Blessing of the Violet Fire which must reach this planet in all spheres, in all walks of life. Oh yes, the words arise like a mighty Violet Fire, sweeping through your heart center and into your mind, filling you with the perfect ideas and feelings within Violet Fire. Then we truly are One Body, One Energy and Vibration, One Consciousness of Spiritual Freedom.  

You have been encouraged often to think not as humans think, but to think as the Divine intends. I come to encourage the same Faith, to think only in terms of the Oneness of all life fulfilling the Violet Fire through you… to then arise within all Life, fulfilling its destiny of Illumining the shadows of this world with the Light of True Freedom.  

This is the time of Transition at the changeover of the yearly cycle, when the Karmic Board comes into action, especially calling upon the Violet Transmuting Fire. This Divine Energy must have anchorage through chelas Pure in Faith, thinking only as the Divine imagines, in order to transform this planet into the Love vibration it is destined to be. The required Energy of Transition for the planet Earth is the Violet Fire, allowing the Earth to gain her full Freedom in the Light. Know that the Energy of Transition is played through all the Suns and their Planets, each with a different requirement of the hour, in a different color, with a different vibration, a different Keynote, etc. The prism effect is such that it plays through Earth in a Violet Color, the Keynote of which is Spiritual Freedom and in the Sun it is multicolored in its Radiance and brilliance.  

It is essential to state that one of the blocks that yet remains in the minds of the chelas; is that the Reality of the Violet Fire is not yet fully appreciate. Chelas frequently say, "Oh, I'm in a complicated situation, I should use the Violet Fire here". That is well and good, but we would hope by now that chelas would know that they exist within the Violet Fire, that their very Being is Violet Fire. It is not something separate from you that you call into Action from without you. It is you in Action every moment of every day. Nothing less than this level of perception of the Violet Fire will work the miracles. This must occur to manifest the Vibration of Transition on this planet. I now speak to the minds of the chelas and of all humankind to join the rest of life sharing this planet, in the full and complete acceptance of the Violet Ray of Transformation.  

I have come this day to ask the chelas to manifest the perfect example of being the Violet Fire in action; not perceiving it as something separate than yourself or outside of yourself, but that your entire life is like a Tongue of Violet Fire, continually expressing itself in every situation in which you find yourself. I AM encouraging you, dear ones, for I also bring good news: the Violet Fire has been so well applied this year that it has intensified its effects on Earth, with its gifts ever expanding! Whatever you have yet perceived the Violet Fire to be, it is now much more than that; it is more Loving and Compassionate, it is more Powerful in Transmutation and it brings more Wisdom than ever before. For it contains all the Gifts and Qualities needed for the Transition of this planet and its sentient beings into the greater orbit that awaits all.  

Placed in your Book of Life are great stars of value that you have been among the first to accept the full Power, the full Love, the full Wisdom of the Violet Ray. You have known the Seventh Ray through beloved Saint Germain, you have known it through the great Divine Director and now you know it from the fullness of its Source. You must see yourselves with the Amida Buddha arising within you as a Mighty Flame of Violet Fire, dispensing through you the Gifts of Wisdom, the Gifts of Compassionate Love and the Gifts of Power that set life Free.  

I AM generally presented before humanity as a gentle Being, but at the close of this year I AM filled with much Power, for each of us who serve on the Violet Ray have graduated to a greater fullness on that Ray. It is these greater Blessings that I now dispense into your consciousness, as a gift for your service this year... (pause).  

I AM Blazing, I AM Blazing, I AM Blazing, the Violet Fire which I now know in my Being through each of you, as a permanent gift for your service throughout this last year. As a Member of the Karmic Board, I now sweep away all that the Cosmic Law allows of the karma yet remaining in your lifestream. This is a special Dispensation, for the Karmic Board requires Purity in the mind and feelings of the chelas, no longer hampered by the past mistakes of thought and feeling or improper actions or speech, but Pure and Perfect, a Tongue of the Violet Fire, the final activity of Holy Spirit reclaiming this planet!  

Remember, I arise within you; I AM that Pillar of Violet Fire, swirling through your Aura, imploring with every fiber of my Being that you be the ONE, the Violet Fire that finds its complete anchorage in the New Age of Spiritual Freedom. And I call upon to the collective you 'the growing Group Avatar of beings whose only desire, whose only reason for existence is the transition of this planet into an Age of Spiritual Freedom. We are all One; One Body, One Vibration. I AM in thee, thou art in me, I AM, I AM the Earth's Victory.  

Again, feel all the Blessings of Love. Use your vehicles in every situation in which you find yourself to dispense the Loving Compassionate Wisdom within the Violet Fire. In the ensuing hours of this new year I ask you to place your attention upon the Karmic Board. Make the Petitions, for it is vital that the Karmic Board hear from humanity yet embodied, in the dispensing of Energy grants to the planets. The world and Beings of Light await you. Please realize your importance in the New Age of Spiritual Freedom.  

I leave you with the thought; Think not as a human thinks; Think as God Thinks. Think as the Violet Fire would have you think. Be the Violet Fire. I AM that Violet Fire blazing within you... always. 



 Group Petition for 2011

Universal Economic Balance 

Within the infinite Presence of the One Universal Divinity I AM in each of us and all of humanity, we summon all great beings of divine power and light concerned with the economic stability of the nations of the planet Earth... to come forth now!


To PURIFY (3X) all financial institutions, all economic complexes, all activities concerned with the fiscal structure of the world.  Remove the cause, core, effect, record and memory back into the very beginning of time of all misuse of money or energy patterns of exchange.


For the Violet Flames to penetrate and saturate these financial structures with the most powerful activity of the Transmuting Fire ever known!


To place all management of finances and economic systems in the hands of those who see only the true Light and dissolve all else by the Sacred Fire here and now and forever sustained.


Let the beloved Archangel of Restoration restore to us now the divine plan for harmonious stability in the distribution of the Earth’s abundance, and the limitless supply of the universe to charge our world with only feelings of perfect balance in all our activities.


I AM the intelligent investment of energy and substance by all co-servers of Light who accept these benefits for the blessing of all humanity. And through these feelings of Perfect Balance, help us to always follow the Middle Way thus filling our world with peace, harmony and joy of service that enables us to benefit through the natural acceleration of all life around us. 


We gratefully accept this done in Divine Order and in accordance with

Divine Holy Will…  


I AM that I AM!


* * *


New Year’s Conference/Cup Service – 1/1/11


We are on the threshold of a new year, an opportunity for all life to move forward in the Light. We all know about the Law of the Circle. What we send forth gathers more of its kind until it returns to us. That is Cosmic Law. What you send forth you get back. So, in the words we have heard so many times, Love thy neighbor as thy self, knowing that in the Oneness of Consciousness is the One Consciousness of I AM. Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you. You will be blessed and all Life will be thereby consecrated. Remember always, what you send forth returns to you in blessings. So let us resolve in this New Year to take benefit from this opportunity, to have a sparkling, beautiful Book of Life, inscribed in gold when we come to the end of the next yearly cycle.  

This shall be a tremendous year for all who wish to avail themselves of it. For you already know that this is a year of dynamic Divine Will, Faith, Protection and Strength. Does that not tell you a Truth? Unity with all Life in Consciousness with I AM. Harmony! Each cell respects and complements the other. Each star can send forth the Light of the Universe. Love thou one another! Unify all life by your presence on this planet. Serve only in the restoration of this dear earth, bringing forth the New Age as it is ordained. An age of perfection where all life will dwell in synchronization, knowing the true meaning of I AM Consciousness. Serve thy neighbor; Love thy neighbor; for you are component cells in the Great I AM Consciousness. Enter deeply within... and from the Chalice of your being... Love thou all life. It is a simple philosophy… it is Truth which is ordained, the Divine Principal of Life, Oneness. I AM Consciousness.  

A simple message, dear friends of the One Heart. Simple, but that is what Truth is... so that any human in any state of consciousness can understand. Love thou one another. I love thee and thou doest love me. You can seek the Consciousness of the greatest height in this Universe if you would just remember to go within. Remain within that consciousness and know that all the riches of the universe are available to you. And what riches do we wish?

Consciousness, Divine Consciousness, that all is One. And in that simple understanding you will know that I AM that I AM. And you will feel it... feel it deep within knowing that each day... that I AM blessing my sister and brother, my fellow traveler everywhere I go. And in so doing, you will send the blessing of the One Universal Consciousness, I AM that I AM to all  

* * *


Thoughtform 2011


Enfolded in a magnificent crystalline diamond heart of strength, power, protection and faith, we fully accept the divine principles of selflessness, willing cooperation and harmony into our minds, hearts, beings and worlds, reviving memories of absolute perfection before even this world was.




Theme 2011


Standing firmly within a constant outpouring of divine energy, we recognize the I AM Presence within every human heart, manifest in the world of form through the ever-expanding momentum of divine accomplishment.


*May the Will of God manifest now – in, through and around all life on planet Earth! (*3x)




* * *



February 2011